The Price

Peyton Manning doesn’t get enough credit.

That’s what John Elway was arguing this past week leading into the four-time MVP’s third Super Bowl. It seems ridiculous, but I kind of get it. As the saying goes, haters gonna hate.

And if you put yourself out their in public, build a product or business hoping others will use it, there will always be some that vocally oppose. No matter how great your product, how many users your app has, or how big your recurring revenue–that’s the price of having (some) success.

This should be free.
Why don’t you have an Android version?
You should add ______ feature.

There’s no way to silence everyone, so just grit your teeth, bear it, and be glad people are at least noticing you.


Veni Vidi Vici

Twitter for 2014

If you know me, you probably know my online self is more interested in Twitter than pretty much anything else. However, I noticed I wasn’t really reach out to new people.

So in 2014, I’m going to run a little experiment or a play game–not quite sure what the metaphor is yet.

In 2014 I’m going to follow someone every day. It’ll give me a chance to explore the world a little more, meet new people, maybe even learn a few things.

I’m guessing Twitter recommendations will last me about 5 days. Picking up on who my followers retweet/interact with will be another 20-30 days. But beyond that, I’m going to need some help. I’ll be asking my network to tap their network to suggest someone who meets whatever random criteria I put on it that day.

Now that I’m typing this out, it seems like this might require a fair amount of creativity to intentionally follow a diverse group of people. We’ll see…

I’ve got something to say

Last week I had this exchange on Twitter:

As it turns out, I think I have something to say. It may not be much more than 140 characters at a time, but now if I get too verbose for Twitter I’ve got a place to drop some thoughts. So stay tuned…

Business Ideas That Are Ahead of the Curve

This is an exciting, but rather frustrating story about my friend Chris. Currently he’s an employee–actually my customer service rep at one of my business suppliers.  He already knows he’d like to start his own business–probably a one man show to start, although his wife will likely contribute somehow.

So he was telling me last week about the last two business ideas they had.  Over the past few years they’ve brainstormed a couple of legitimate business ideas.  They did their research, looked into costs, asked some legal questions–really did their homework.  However, each time, for whatever reason they couldn’t pull the trigger.

And here’s where it gets frustrating… Both ideas in hindsight were right on the money!  They were ahead of the curve on each and can now see the success others are having in those same areas.  The things he saw as openings in their niche really were there for the taking.  Chris feels like they’ve wasted two good opportunities and how many can you expect to get.  He’s frustrated seeing his idea executed by someone else.

But I take it as good news.  He obviously has a nose for these things.  He’s involved in his niche and can read trends.  I expect that once the timing is right (something he assures me is soon) he’ll have a successful idea.  Then he just needs to execute it well.

Because really, if he came up with two ideas that were both spot on I’m sure he can do it again.  There were probably plenty of bad ideas along the way, but the ones they really started to go after and invest some time into he was confident about and with good reason.  So it might take a little while and he may have to toss out a lot of ideas to come up with another winner, but that’s just the nature of brainstorming.  Once he finds one he’s comfortable with I am sure the community will be more than ready for him.

So how do you come up with ideas–either for products and markets in your own business/industry or if you’re working towards starting your own micro-business?  Are you coming up with enough ideas to feel free to dump the losers?  Can you tell if an idea is good?



So here’s the new site.  How do you like it?  If you were looking for the old training platform it is no longer.  I’ve moved that to an email based training program.  It’s still available just with a different delivery method.


I’ve been building, designing and tweaking it for a week now.

That’s one of the problems of doing things yourself. As the owner you want it to be just so. If you hire out you balance speed, price and outcome. If you do it yourself you know the outcome you want and sometimes fail to account for the amount of time or money you’re spending to achieve that outcome.

In my case, I know I need to say “good enough” and move on. There are people to meet, businesses to help, problems to solve.

Another take on do-it-yourself work is I can always come back to this. Since I built the site, I maintain it. By doing your own work you have the opportunity (and responsibility) for the upkeep. So despite the fact that I’m calling it done now–I can always change my mind.